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In late 2017 we started looking at solutions to the issue of Single Use Plastics, scouring the world for suitable alternatives that were compatible with our drive towards sustainability and generally in reducing our carbon footprint, and - if at all possible - without having to do away with the positive characteristics of traditional-use SUP.

The HOME compostable plastic bags on offer here are the current outcome of that exercise, and are now exclsuively used within our business.


Being Humanity  is our initiative to help the wider jewellery industry to do its part to reduce the humungous volumes of plastic waste accumulation, by promoting the use of HOME compostable plastic bags which will typically breakdown within one year of being discarded.

We are now busy looking at extending the range of eco-friendly products within our own business, to the point of banning all SUP from our compound and will make all suitable new products available through this website for wider use.

About Being Humanity

Our Story

Jewelarc International is a jewellery design, development, manufacturer and distribution business, supplying to wholesalers, retailers and catalogue publishers around the world since 2002.

Our international distribution centre and head office is located in Chonburi in Thailand, with a management and customer service office located in Sydney, Australia.

In 2017 the business commenced the move towards sustainability by adopting various strategies associated with waste control, resulting in dramatic reductions in the volume of waste produced, and innovative processes to deal with food, office and manufacturing  waste.

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