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Terms & Policies


  • We warrant the manufacturing quality and the usability of all products we offer - including our HOME compostable plastic bags and our packaging materials - for a minimum of 12 months from the date of purchase, provided they are stored and used correctly;

  • You will gain a maximum life out of the bags if they are stored in a cool and dry situation away from direct light, with an ideal temperature of less than 24C;

  • It thus makes sense to use older batches of bags first;

  • The gum-seal flap on these bags is designed to be reused - that is, open and closed - up to a dozen or so times.  Beyond this the effectiveness of the gum seal is reduced though this is not regarded as a fault;

  • We also warrant that the bags will provide the features advised by us on the product pages of this website; and

  • You are totally responsible to ascertain the suitability of our bags for your intended use - if unsure, please contact us and discuss your situation BEFORE placing your order.


  • Goods may be returned to us under warranty or if we've delivered the wrong product;

  • Before returning anything you need to contact us to discuss the matter and agree on the next steps.  If you don't contact us in advance we may reject the delivery;

  • We reserve the right to either replace faulty items or to provide a refund credit to your account; and

  • Generally, the shipping and associated costs of returning items will be at the customer's expense.


Shipping & Import

  • We do not provide free shipping of orders;

  • Shipping options will be offered to you during the online checkout process, and the associated cost will be added to your order total;

  • You are welcome to nominate your own preferred shipper and your shipping account details for such costs to be charged directly to you; and

  • You need to be aware that additional costs and taxes may be levied on you by the import and clearance processes applicable to your country, the payment of which is totally your responsibility.


  • We collect only information from you which is strictly necessary to fulfill your order and to have it delivered to your chosen address;

  • We will not under any circumstance release, sell or otherwise provide your personal details to any third party other than those requiring it to process and ship your order, and to any statutory entity normally requiring such details (such as airport or Government agencies); and

  • You may at any time ask us for a copy of the personal details we hold about you on file and you have the right to ask us to correct any mistakes.

E&OE (Errors & Omissions Excepted)

While every care is taken in presenting the information on this website, we do not warrant that the site is error-free.​

Consequentially we reserve the right to correct any mistakes we become aware of, at any time.  If you are affected by any such change or update, we welcome you to discuss the matter with us and we will do all we can to help satisfy you.

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