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For pricing and to order, please firstly select LOT size, as the bags are cheaper in the larger lot sizes.  Then enter the QUANTITY of lots required


All prices are in US$ and exclude all taxes, which will be added and shown at the Checkout if applicable


These bags:

  • are reusable
  • are made from a bio-film derived from renewable plant-based resources, which carries a number of formal certifications and approvals including HOME Compostability and Marine Biodegradation
  • will breakdown in properly operating home compost bins to leave no trace
  • will breakdown in landfill, leaving no trace
  • have a touch-sensitive gum-seal flap which can be closed and re-opened numerous times
  • can be printed on during the manuafcturing process, for example adding a logo or labelling text


Usability Features:

  • Excellent moisture barrrier
  • Excellent transparency and gloss
  • Excellent barrier to gases and aromas, helping to protect from tarnishing
  • Resistant to oils and grease
  • Inherent anti-static properties

Home Compostable Plastic Bags, 10cm x 15cm, with gum-seal flap

  • Lots of 500 bags: US$39 (7.80 cents/bag)

    Lots of 1,000 bags: US$77 (7.70 cents/bag)

    Lots of 2,000 bags: US$150 (7.50 cents/bag)

    Lots of 5,000 bags: US$363 (7.26 cents/bag)

    Lots of 10,000 bags: US$695 (6.95 cents/bag)


    For orders in excess of 35,000 bags or if custom printing is required on bags, please contact us.

  • IN STOCK - may be ordered NOW!

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