HOME compostable Plastic Bags

FOR Industry and COMMERCE

1 Million Plastic Bags Per Minute

  • The world is consuming a staggering 500+ Billion plastic bags per year

  • In just a single generation (roughly from 1940 to the present), we've created massive environmental problems such as crowded landfills, groundwater contamination and ocean debris that future generations will still be cleaning up

  • Only around 1 in 200 bags is being recycled.  The remainder are burried in landfill or incinerated - or are carelessly discarded into the environment causing great harm

  • Single-use plastic bags come in various forms, including traditional grocery and shopping bags but are also extensively used in industry and commerce, including Jewellery manufacture, wholesale and retailing

  • Being Humanity is our initiative to help the Jewellery industry in doing its part to reduce the humungous volumes of plastic waste accumulation by promoting the use of HOME compostable plastc bags which will typically breakdown within months of being discarded

Image by Avel Chuklanov

~ sealable & IN 3 SIZEs ~