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HOME compostable Plastic Bags

FOR Industry and COMMERCE

1 Million Plastic Bags Per Minute

  • The world is consuming a staggering 500+ Billion plastic bags per year

  • In just a single generation (roughly from 1940 to the present), we've created massive environmental problems such as crowded landfills, groundwater contamination and ocean debris that future generations will still be cleaning up

  • Only around 1 in 200 bags is being recycled.  The remainder are burried in landfill or incinerated - or are carelessly discarded into the environment causing great harm

  • Single-use plastic bags come in various forms, including traditional grocery and shopping bags but are also extensively used in industry and commerce, including Jewellery manufacture, wholesale and retailing

  • Being Humanity is our initiative to help the Jewellery industry in doing its part to reduce the humungous volumes of plastic waste accumulation by promoting the use of HOME compostable plastc bags which will typically breakdown within months of being discarded

Image by Avel Chuklanov

~ sealable & IN 3 SIZEs ~


The term refers to products that will breakdown in properly operating home compost bins, to leave no trace. In the presence of moisture, air and heat generated by microbes the decomposition of organic matter - including our HOME compostable plastic bags - hastens to as little as a few months. 

Businesses that dispose of HOME compostable plastic bags with their normal waste which goes to landfill, can rest easy in that the bags will breakdown in a similar but slower process of about one year.

Bags certified to the INDUSTRIAL compost standard require commercial processing in specialised facilities in order to be composted.  HOME compostable products meet a higher standard of compostability and are therefore superior in their eco-credentials.

The film used in our bags is certified HOME compostable.




These bags are better for the environment - far better - than traditional petroleum-based SUP polyethylene bags. No nasty toxins.  No pollution of the food chain.  No micro-plastics.  Made from renewable plant-based resources.


Makes your business look good, and confirms that you are caring and responsible in the eyes of your customers.  Don't be shy to promote your eco awareness.


Will help to boost your sales by increasing the perceived value and benefits of your products.  Environmental awareness is rapidly growing in the community amongst all age groups and demographics, and so more and more customers will be naturally drawn to you.


Will help to differentiate you and your products from your competitors by positioning you as ecologcally minded and forward thinking.  The sooner you act, the more you will reap the rewards, and the further behind you will leave your opposition.


You don't have to decide between doing the right thing and making money.  While HOME compostable plastic bags are currently more expensive this will quickly change over time as demand and supply for bags increases, and as the flow-on from your good deeds reflects in additional sales. 

Being Humanity

Being Humanity

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Being Humanity in our workplace

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